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Civil Law in Topeka, Kansas

Civil Law

Do You Need a Civil Attorney?

All of your rights as an American citizen are protected by law. If one of your rights has been violated, you can file a lawsuit to defend yourself against the actions of another. Civil lawsuits are often related to recovering money or property that has been wrongfully taken or withheld. Civil law does not include criminal matters or other specialized fields such as commercial or trade law. If you feel that one of your rights has been trespassed upon, Hoffman & Hoffman is here to help.

Recovering What Is Justly Yours

When you feel that you have been wrongfully treated or taken advantage of, you deserve to be compensated. Scheduling a free initial consultation with our team is the best way to get started. We will help you determine the merits of your case as well as identify any applicable local, state and federal laws. If your rights have been violated, we will help you recover what you are due. We specialize in auto accidents, personal injury, contract disputes and business incorporation issues.

Comprehensive Legal Services

When you trust the professionals at Hoffman & Hoffman, we will help you with all aspects of your case. Our assistance will allow you to make the best choices for your interests. We will interview relevant persons and build your case, handle all legal documents, remain in touch with the opposite side’s attorneys, hire expert witnesses when needed, negotiate settlements on your behalf and present your case in court. We will aggressively work for you to ensure you get a fair trial.

Making the Process Hassle-Free

When you want to file a lawsuit, you should choose our team to help you maximize your chances of success. We can help you navigate complicated court requirements and processes as well as give you advice about your case’s merits. Our reliable services give you the expertise you need to make the legal system work for you.

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