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DUI and Traffic Law in Topeka, Kansas


Protecting Your Driving Record

Nothing affects your insurance rates more than your driving record. Collisions, speeding tickets and other blemishes on your record can negatively impact your premium. That’s why it’s important to know when and how to contest an issue. The reliable team at Hoffman & Hoffman will represent you in court and help you understand the process, reduce charges, keep your license and avoid fines. Our work saves you money and minimizes the uncertainty of a complex process.

DUI Cases

Are you or a loved one being charged with a DUI? Put us to work for you. There are many factors to consider when dealing with a DUI case. Was your blood alcohol level recorded? Is a police officer testifying that you were driving erratically? Was a minor in the vehicle as well? Knowing what to do in your particular circumstances may be difficult. That’s why we offer professional, personalized advice. We will help you make the best decisions and navigate the complex proceedings.

Speeding Tickets

When you successfully challenge a speeding ticket, your driving record will remain clean. Moreover, your insurance policy will be unaffected. It’s worth getting professional advice to review the facts of your case. We can advise you as to whether contesting your speeding ticket is worthwhile and help you understand your options. Our team will get you the information you need.

Other Traffic Issues

We also represent clients in other traffic-related issues as well. These include reckless driving charges, changing lanes in an unsafe manner, not wearing a seat belt, following too closely behind another vehicle, failing to yield the right of way, expired car registration and other charges. For the advice and assistance you need to handle moving and nonmoving violations, call Hoffman & Hoffman today.

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