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Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Family Law Attorney

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When you have to deal with any legal issue that involves your family, you need the best attorney possible on your side. Research is critical when you search for an attorney who can meet and exceed your needs. Whether you need help with child custody, alimony, modifications to child support, or any other family legal matters, you need a qualified attorney.
As you do your research, consider asking all lawyers some critical questions to help make your decision easier.
Ask How Long They Have Been in Family Law
One of the most crucial questions you need to ask an attorney is how long he or she has practiced family law. A seasoned family law attorney with a solid track record of wins for his or her clients is an ideal option when you search for an attorney.
If a potential attorney does not have expertise in family law or does not primarily work in the field, he or she may not fully navigate the intricate details in your case or could possibly miss something that could severely impact the outcome of your case.
Ask If They Have Worked on Cases Similar to Yours
Many family law cases have some similarities. When you visit with different family attorneys, explain your case and list the specific details. Ask the attorney if he or she has ever worked on cases like yours with similar circumstances. Specifically, ask how they handled cases like yours during a trial. Ask about how they would approach your case as well as what the outcome might be in cases similar to yours.
Ask About Their Methods of Communication
When you deal with family law matters, you need excellent communication with your legal team. Things can change quickly, and you need to address your questions and concerns as quickly as possible. When you speak to different attorneys, ask how they communicate with clients and approximately how long their response time is. 
Also, ask potential attorneys if they prefer phone calls or text, or if they have their own in-house communication system. Ask if you will speak with your attorney directly or if your messages will go to a third party such as a paralegal or a legal assistant.
Remember, however, your goal is to have your attorney answer the most important questions directly. If your communication is about issues that are not as imperative, another person in the practice can answer as long as he or she has the qualifications to do so. A good attorney will know how to balance client communication effectively.
Ask If Others Will Work on Your Case
Most attorneys have a team working alongside them to support their client load. This is beneficial to clients, as having a support staff frees the attorneys from the more mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on the meat of your case.
In some cases, attorneys will work with consultants outside their firm. Examples include financial experts, investigators, accountants, and the like. These experts are useful to clients when the attorney needs to draw on their expertise on particular parts of your case. Ask how often the attorney uses experts and how well-qualified they are.
You should also question how long they have worked with the consultants and how much their knowledge will cost you.
When you have a family law matter, you want to work with someone you can trust to get the outcome you need. If you have any questions about how we can help you with your case, please contact us at Hoffman & Hoffman. We are here to help you get the most positive outcome on your case.